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The almanac of European club competitions 1960/61 from Soccerdata, by Marco D'Avanzo, is a unique work in its field, both in terms of the quantity of data and historical and statistical content as it is in its depth, covering not only the major club competitions, but also those which are now extinct and maintain only a legend status, still whetting the curious appetite of fans of football down the years.

1960/61 was an historic season in its own right – the first with three major cup competitions: the European Cup, which has since developed into the most prestigious competition, after the five preliminary editions which saw Real Madrid triumphant; the Fairs Cup, which was finally contested over a single season after the first editions had been played overlapping two different campaigns; and then the Cup Winners' Cup, which as its name suggests, was open to the winners of the domestic cup competitions.

Statistical details of all of the matches, including individual player statistics (appearances, goals, minutes) are presented in over 250 pages, including comprehensive information on the forgotten trophies, such as the Cup of the Alps, the Mitropa Cuo, the Friendship Cup, and the practically unknown Balcans Cup. The volume, part one of an attractive series, is enriched with archive photos and editorial content depicting the achievements of the winning teams in each competition: Benfica, Fiorentina, Roma, Steagul Rosu Brasov, the Hungarian sides in the Mitropa cup, in which there was a final league table for nations, as well as the Cup of the Alps and the Friendship Cup.

The 1960/61 almanac of European club competitions is set to become a classic for the lovers of historical statistics surrounding the worlds' most beautiful game, and is the result of lengthy research, study and documentation, filled with information which, even in the era of the internet, is still practically impossible to find. From today, you can secure your copy by contacting...

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